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Apples in a Crate

Apple Pressing Service

Our apple pressing service will open again for the 2024 season on Friday 9th August. 


If you have your own apple tree or even a small orchard, why not press your apples into your very own apple juice? It's a great way to preserve your fruit and reduce waste.

With our apple pressing service, your fruit is pressed and bottled by us. Simply drop off your fruit, choose your personalised label and we will do the rest. 

Based in Princes Risborough (HP27 9NJ) we are your local apple pressing service for Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire. Don't let your fruit go to waste, we turn your excess apples and pears into your very own delicious bottles of juice. 

What do we press?

  • Apples

  • Pears

  • Grapes

How Does The Apple Pressing Service Work?

How Does It Work 1 - Pick Your Fruit

Pick Your Fruit

Pick your apples when they're ripe & make sure there's no rotten fruit in your containers when you bring them to us. 

How Does It Work 3 - Hand Sorting

Hand Sorting

We hand sort your apples / pears on our sorting table (making sure there's no rotten fruit which would ruin your juice). We then wash them so they're clean. 

How Does It Work 5


We don't filter away any of the goodness in your juice nor do we add any nasty preservatives, water or sugar. We add a bit of Vitamin C so the juice keeps its lovely colour.

How Does It Work 2 - Drop Off Fruit

Drop Off

We label your apples in their own containers so we know they're yours. You also choose your label from our options.

How Does It Work 4

Apple Pressing

Your apples are milled and pressed into their own containers. We do not mix your juice with anyone else's so we guarantee your juice is yours and yours only.

How Does It Work 6 - Collection


When bottled, we add your personalised colour label and then we let you know your juice is ready to collect.

Payment is due on collection and we take cards & cash. 

Apple Pressing Service Price and Opening Times


per 750ml labelled bottle

minimum charge of £39.00

(minimum quantity equivalent to filling 2 supermarket online delivery crates)

Opening Times:

10am - 6pm

Thursday - Monday

(closed Tuesday & Wednesday)

There's no need to book, just drop off your apples when we're open!

Postcode: HP27 9NJ

Juice From Your Own Fruit

We do not mix your fruit with anyone else's, we guarantee your juice is yours. 

You want to see how the taste varies each year from your own fruit. Where's the fun in having your fruit mixed with others? 

Personalised Colour Labels

Your choice of colour label, personalised and finished with a shrink cap around the top of the bottle for that extra finishing touch. 

2 Year Shelf Life
& Easy Storage

Gently pasteurised juice keeps for 2 years unopened in 750ml glass bottles. Each label is clearly printed with the 'Best Before' for peace of mind. 

You bottles are carefully packaged so you can easily take them home and store them. 

Apples Ready For Juicing
  • How many bottles will I get from my apples?
    It’s very difficult to say. It really depends on the apple variety, ripeness and quality of the apples you bring. As a rough guide 50kg would yield around 35 – 40 bottles. That said, you may got more, you may get less.
  • Do you mix other people's apples together?
    No! We can assure you that you’ll definitely get the juice from your apples. Apple juices vary from year to year and we want you to experience the joy of how the flavours change between the seasons. Having gone to the whole job of picking them you want to make sure the juice is only from your apples.
  • What containers should I bring my apples in?
    You should bring your apples in any clean container. We will help you unload your apples from your car and transfer them into our own containers. It's from this point we can correctly identify your apples through to the bottle. It also ensures your apples aren't mixed with anyone else's!
  • Why do you add Vitamic C to the juice?
    We add Vitamin C so that the juice keeps its lovely natural colour. Without it, your juice would turn a murky brown which isn't as appetising!
  • Why do you have a minimum charge?
    We have a minimum charge of £39.00. We have the minimum charge as it allows us to make it commercially viable to press and bottle the smaller batches. We're proud to offer a pressing service even for small batches as we want as many people to experience the joy of tasting their own home grown juice. It doesn't get more local than your own garden!
  • How long will my juice last for?
    Once bottled, your juice is then pasteurised so that it keeps for 2 years unopened. We recommend you store your juice in a cool dark place and once opened it should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days.
  • How do I personalise my apple juice?
    We offer personalised colour labels as standard. You will have a choice from a selection of label designs and you can personalise the name of it youself. Alternatively, if you wish to use your own image we can do that for you as well.
  • Can you press my apples to make cider?
    Yes we can. If you would like to turn your apples into cider, we can press your fruit for you. You will need to bring a suitable container with you when you drop off your apples. Leave that with us and we'll fill it with your juice and you can take it away and ferment the juice at home. Give us a call to discuss this if you're interested.
  • Can you press windfalls?
    Yes. There's nothing wrong with adding windfalls to your fruit. Just make sure you don't include any rotten fruit. One rotten apple, and all that ...
  • Is it worth juicing cooking apples, like Bramleys?"
    Of course! In fact, sharper juices like Bramley juices are our best sellers for our own Organic Apple Juice! The juice from cooking apples is a welcome change from the commercial concentrated juices you’ll find in the supermarket. It’s refreshing, makes a lovely breakfast juice and is also great to cook with.
  • How do I know if my fruit is ripe?
    The best way is to try the fruit yourself and see! Apples and Pears are ready to be picked when they come away from the tree with a gentle twisting action. Apples - Apples are ripe when the pips are brown. As your apples are getting closer to being picked, you can cut an apple in half to see how it's doing. Pears - Your pear juice will taste much better when the fruit is firm yet juicy. When pears are too soft they slow the press down and this results in a poorer juice.
  • My apples are certified organic, can you press and bottle my juice as organic?"
    Yes. We are an organic farm certified by The Soil Association. Please get in touch to discuss producing your Organic Apple & Pear Juice.
Apple & Pears Ready For Pressing

Apple Pressing Service Feedback

"Into my third year of taking my apples and pears to be pressed. Super place to go to – so tranquil and clean! The juice is fabulous and comes nicely labelled and in clean boxes of twelve like vintage wine. Took one of my neighbours up with her apples and she was thrilled. The bottle labels are really pretty and it makes lovely presents and exceptionally good value compared to other pressing services. Would strongly recommend."

Rosi Haunton-Barron - September, 2017

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