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Drovers Hill Farm

Apple Pressing Service|Organic Cider & Apple Juice

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Apple Pressing Service Buckinghamshire

Have a fruit tree in your garden and always end up wasting the majority of your fruit? 

Don't let them go to waste! We can press your apples & pears into your very own juice for you to enjoy all year round. 

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Apple Pressing Service Feedback

"Into my third year of taking my apples and pears to be pressed. Super place to go to – so tranquil and clean! The juice is fabulous and comes nicely labelled and in clean boxes of twelve like vintage wine. Took one of my neighbours up with her apples and she was thrilled. The bottle labels are really pretty and it makes lovely presents and exceptionally good value compared to other pressing services. Would strongly recommend."

Rosi Haunton-Barron - September, 2017

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