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About Our Organic Farm

Apple Pressing Service
Organic Apple Juice
Organic Farmhouse Cider

We have farmed the land at Drovers Hill Farm since 2006. We believe in more sustainable farming methods which benefits nature, our livestock and us. That doesn't mean we don't have an interest in new technologies and methods though ... We are always looking at ways to do things better and love experimenting!


We do things differently. 

In Nature We Trust.

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We have planted kilometres of new hedges and hundreds of native trees that provide wildlife corridors, livestock shade/ shelter and protected undisturbed soil bands containing the vital soil life. Our grassland is species rich and we are developing areas of natural chalk grassland. As a result, we seeing a wide range of wildlife making themselves at home. The hares are a particular favourite of ours, which explains our logo!

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Planting our orchard from scratch was our first major project and took 4 years to complete. It is still a work in progress as some varieties of apple like it here more than others! We leave the grass in our orchard to grow wild throughout the year to encourage biodiversity, letting the insects & bees thrive. In nature we trust.


Our dream was to make our own organic apple juices and cider which is why we planted such a diverse mix of apple varieties to enable us to create interesting blends. Our still farm house ciders contain no added sulphites and when we have mastered the method without bottles exploding, a sparkling version will follow!

Selling our organic apple juice at farmers markets made us come to realise how many people have apple trees of their own. Often the fruit was going to waste and lying on the ground as there were simply too many apples or pears to stew or share with friends and family. With the infrastructure in place for our own apple juice, in 2011, we launched our apple pressing service to help put a stop to this waste. In that first year we pressed a handful of batches from apple trees all over Buckinghamshire. We have steadily grown since and are happy to say we press apples from gardens & orchards as far away as North Wales & Kent. 


If you have your own apple or pear tree you can find out more about our apple pressing service page to turn your crop of apples into your very own bottles of juice that lasts for up to 2 years. 

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