About Our Organic Farm

We have farmed the land at Drovers Hill Farm since 2006. The land was previously farmed conventionally and had lost much soil activity and organic matter. There was never a question in our minds that we would farm anything other than organically. In addition to the cost overhead of using chemicals and petrochemical derived fertilizers, we believe in  more sustainable  farming methods which benefits nature, our livestock and us.

Most of our work has been about correcting and balancing our soil, so we can benefit from unlocking natural soil resources. We have planted 5km of new hedges that provide wildlife corridors, livestock shade/ shelter and protected undisturbed soil bands containing the vital soil life.

We have also planted our orchard from scratch, taking 4 years to complete the 5 acres. It’s mainly for producing cider so we have a mix of apple varieties to enable us to create interesting blends. We have also developed a range of apple juice. These are available locally; please see our apple juice and cider pages for details.

Pedigree Lleyn Ewes at Drovers Hill Farm
Organic Apples at Drovers Hill Farm
Oxford Sandy & Black Ruby the Pig