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Traditional, organic cider, from the Chiltern Hills.

With nothing added; no yeasts, sugars, juices or sulphites, our organic ciders are made using only natural ingredients.

Drovers Hill Farm ciders are made only from our farm pressed apple juice. A true traditional cider.

Our organic orchard in the Chiltern Hills, Buckinghamshire, produces 15 varieties of apples. Our cider is made from hand graded apples, selecting only the best for juicing. The juice is then fermented and matured slowly over a number of months to give our ciders their distinct taste. Drinking our cider means you are assured that the apples are free from pesticides and herbicides and, that there are absolutely no added sulphites (unlike many other ciders).


Product Description

Organic Cider – Traditional & still (Sweet, Medium & Dry)

We have three traditional organic ciders available: Sweet, Medium and Dry. Each have their own distinguishing character but all are made with a secret blend of apples from our orchard, to give you an entirely new apple experience.


Organic Cider Barrel 1 Drovers Hill Farm


5.7% ABV.

A still, sweet, organic cider made with a secret blend of apple varieties.

With a deep golden honey colour, our sweet organic cider is smooth, light and easy drinking.

Organic Cider Barrel 2 Drovers Hill Farm


6.0% ABV.

A still, medium, organic cider made with a secret blend of apple varieties.

This cider is smooth and well-rounded with a subtle flavour. A very quaffable cider.

Organic Cider Barrel 3 Drovers Hill Farm


7.1% ABV.

A still, very dry, organic cider made with a secret blend of apple varieties.

Golden brown in colour, our dry cider has a strong, crisp, lasting flavour.

Where can I buy the cider?

Our organic cider can be bought from the following local stores:

  • Chiltern Brewery – Wendover
  • Notcutts Garden Centre – Booker
  • Peterley Manor Farm – Prestwood

Buying from the farm – We can only wholesale our cider as we do not have an alcohol licence for our premises.  If you are holding your own licenced event we can supply cases of cider. 12x 500ml bottles per case (we do not supply by the barrel). Minimum 4 cases per order. Cash or cheque on collection. Option for personalised label for your event / business. POA. To order, please contact us by email (click here).

How do you make cider?

Our organic ciders are made in a very traditional way. We pick our apples only when they are ripe (you check this by looking to see if the apple pips are brown) and sort them on the sorting table, making sure only the best apples are pressed into juice. The apples are then washed in the water bath and pressed with our apple press (the left over apple pommace is fed to our Oxford Sandy & Black pigs which they love!)

Our cider barrels are filled up and left to naturally ferment. We do not add any sugars or yeasts at this stage so our cider ferments from the natural sugars within the apples themselves. After a few months the cider is ‘racked off’ into new barrels to mature leaving behind the lees in the bottom of the original barrel. Once we’re happy the cider has matured, our organic cider is bottled off ready for our customers to enjoy. We do not add sulphites at this stage because we believe that we can make a naturally made organic cider without adding any nasty artificial additives. IN NATURE WE TRUST.

1 review for Organic Cider

  1. 5 out of 5


    I absolutely love this cider! For a still cider at 7% it is so smooth and drinkable. This batch isn’t going to last long!

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